Malaysian how to make payment in China 1688?

By gimworld - August 23, 2022

1688 is a products sourcing company in China with business to business model in e-commerce that buyers can connect with factories and purchase various type of manufactured products with wholesales price.

After you created your Alipay account successfully in Malaysia and also top up balance to your Alipay account, you can start to enjoy your shopping experience at 1688 and any China online shopping platforms without any limitation.

Before start purchase at 1688, you have to create an Alipay account first.
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1. Set delivery address

It is impossible to ship direct to Malaysia address if you shop at 1688, so what you need is a China local address and set it as your delivery address at 1688. The address of China local warehouse can be obtained here: Click here
You may select whether Guangzhou or Yiwu warehouse depends on your supplier's location. However, we are more recommended to deliver to Guangzhou warehouse which is the central region in China with cheaper and faster delivery than Yiwu.

2. Purchase items

You may start to find the products that you want to buy, after adding all the desired products to your shopping cart, submit order to check out your shopping list.

3. Make payment by using Alipay 
After that, you may continue to make payment. When you come across to the payment's page, kindly select "Alipay" as your payment method.

It will jump to a screenshot for you to login to your Alipay account, kindly make sure that your Alipay balance is sufficient. After typing the Alipay password with 6 digits, you just have to wait for "the payment has been made successful" notification. Then you have been completed your order just like normal shopping platform

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