Top 5 online shopping sites in Thailand

By Cyndy - July 28, 2020

We as Malaysians often shop online via Taobao/1688. However, only a few people knows that the Thailand E-commerce platform is also one of the best choices for online shoppers. Herewith the top 5 most popular online shipping platforms in Thailand as of Jun 2020. We are also going to share with you guys about how to ship all the items from Thailand to Malaysia

Which platforms are shortlisted in the year 2020? Let's go through it!

1. Shopee Thailand

Shopee Thailand reached the highest record of 50 million monthly page views from the past 6 months in 2020. It is one of the favorite online shopping platforms for males and females since it covers a wide range of products including men's and women's fashion clothing, skincare and cosmetics, sports items, food and beverage, pet food and etc. You can always find any kind of Thailand local brands such as Beauty Buffet, Mistine, etc. from the platform.

2. Lazada Thailand

Lazada Thailand ranked second in Thailand’s most popular online platform with monthly page views of over 36 million from the past 6 months in 2020. Not only Thailand, but it is also one of the top e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. Various products such as electronic products, household products, skincare and cosmetics, Mother and child products, automobile products, or even Thai traditional costumes can be found from Lazada Thailand.

3. Kaidee

Kaidee is a well-known online shopping site in Thailand. In the past 6 months, the platform reached up to 10 million monthly page views. In fact, it is a second-hand trading platform. Buyers not only buy goods from the platform, but they can also even buy services such as property, travel packages from there.

4. JD 

JD is one of the best B2C e-commerce platforms in Thailand and even in Southeast Asia. The monthly page views as high as 3 million in the past 6 months. The most popular products are mother and child products, electronics, skincare and cosmetics, household goods and etc.

5. Central

As the leading franchise store in Thailand, Central has launched its own e-commerce website to compete with various online platforms. From the past 6 months in 2020, the platform reached up to 2 million monthly page views. The best-selling products in this platform include women fashion products, beauty products, and household products. Fortunately, the website itself does have the English language, which makes it easier for foreigners to find any Thai goods they want to buy.

Maybe you will have few questions about:

Q1. How if I can't understand the Thai language?
No worry~ You can right-click “Translate to English” to change to English immediately.

Q2. How to make payment in Thailand online shopping platforms?
You can try to make payment through Shopee Thailand, Central via credit card.

Q3. How to ship parcels from Thailand to Malaysia?
1. Login GIMworld > [ship for me] > [Account ] > copy warehouse address & tel > copy marking name, give the detail to suppliers, ask suppliers to write (marking name and warehouse address & tel) at the parcel before delivery to our warehouse.

2. If you purchase items from E-commerce platform, you need to save our company warehouse address and marking name ( AJY/___) at E-commerce platform

3. you need to get details from suppliers - {courier tracking number, courier company name, product name, and price }.

4. visit GIMworld website [ ship for me] > [arrange shipment] to fill in all of the product details and click submit.

5. Go to GIMworld [ my orders] > [ product details] check parcel arrival status. all parcel arrived, you need to go to [ product details] to submit parcel to combine ( separate- sensitive/normal items) and choose shipment type.- air/sea.

6. Go to [ delivery order] to check shipping fees and make the payment, track parcel delivery status at [ delivery order].

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  2. Just how the hell to pay credit card if we are not allowed to sign as a user over there?

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