4 tips to save money while shopping on Taobao Tmall

By Cyndy - July 24, 2020

China online shopping platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, 1688, and Pinduoduo seem to become the favourite shopping platform in Malaysia.

More and more people do not spend too much time in shopping malls to find what they want to buy while they are more willing to find it online with just a keyword which is time-saving and convenient. 

How to save money while online shopping? The following with the 4 useful ways to save money while shopping on Tmall/Taobao. Keep reading!

1. Find similar items to compare prices

Whenever you enter a keyword on Taobao, all the related items will be displayed. You may also click into the button of "Find Similar" on the picture and you will usually find the same item, but all from different prices and sellers.

Of course, you are not necessary to focus on the pricing only, you also have to look at the customers' reviews to determine whether the seller Is trustworthy and the quality of the items to get the most cost-effective items!

2. Use seller coupons

Do you often fail to notice that there is a shopping voucher button for you to collect? After you added the items into the shopping cart, don’t rush to make the payment, let's check if there are any seller's vouchers that you are able to apply. 

You can enjoy the discount right away with just a click, why not buy many different kinds of products from the same seller so that you have the opportunity to get more discounts to save more money!

3. Earn from cash rebate system

In fact, there are many online cashback platforms that allow you to get a cash rebate while shopping online. The cash mentioned here is not to the cash coupons for discount purposes but can be directly transferred to your bank account and spend it. You can even earn some pocket money every month for any spending behavior happening online.

 4. Find a shipping agent

Although Taobao, Tmall provided the shipping services itself while the service provided is often more expensive than other shipping companies on the market, especially when you buy a lot of heavy and big size items that you must find a shipping agent to avoid spending too expensive of the shipping fee.

Basically, shipping from China to Malaysia is either by air shipping or by sea shipping. What kind of shipping method will be more saving? The answer is definitely by sea shipping!

GIMworld shipping service limited-time promotion has started!

The shipping fee for the small parcel is as low as RM4.50/kg, and the shipping fee for the big parcel is as low as RM390/M3. If you want to import new furniture, open a new store for business and etc, you must need protection especially buying these expensive items.

GIMworld shipping company with more than 20 years of experience not only helps you to save a lot of transportation fees but also provides you with other worthy services that help you to ship back to Malaysia from China safely.

The services included:
✅Free 30 days storage fee
✅customs clearance and tax included
✅door-to-door delivery
✅Free consolidate parcel from different sellers
✅Provide the information of the size and weight of your parcel, allow you to save more when combine parcel
✅Useful operation system easy for you to arrange and tack
✅Free exchange rate, the shipping fee is calculated in ringgit
✅Provide more additional services such as wooden frame, table board, stretch film, etc.
❎No service fee, no handling fee

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